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Video of Ignite presentation at UXPA 2012 - The Menu Metaphor: Food for Thought

Back to the Future!

The original notion of a computer menu was based on applying the restaurant menu to human computer interaction in an effort to simplify the user experience.  Thus, selecting computer commands from a menu was implemented because it was much easier than typing commands into a command line interface.

Now, the computer menu has come back full circle.  Restaurant menus are now on mobile tablets for ordering meals which are essentially computer menus.

Parallels are drawn between software/web/application menus and actual restaurant menus, including differences between their past and present relationships.

This is a 5 minute Ingite Talk from UXPA 2012.  

User Research Scenarios

User Research Scenarios

This presentation delves into UX research approaches that can be taken in four different scenarios:

  • Investigate increase in help desk calls
  • Study Updating an old solution
  • Probing User Interviews
  • Conducting Usability Testing.

In each scenario, critical questions are posed and possible assumptions that might need to be validated with stakeholders.

Presentation of Universal Design and Accessibility Research Projects

Universal Design and Accessibility Research Projects

A wide variety of research has been conducted with customers with special needs.  For example:

  • Focus Groups about customer pain points at the Shepherd Center
  • Usability Testing of mobile browsers and set-up wizards at the Carroll Center and Perkins School for the blind
  • Working with a startup company, VISUS on an Android App called Velasense for low vision and blind users.
  • Help understanding the sale of in-bone conduction headset for all types of people engaged in different types of activities:  drivers, joggers, blind users.
  • Innovative research ideas resulting in the development of various patents
Human Factors Design-Specification Process for the Integrated Checkpoint Program

Human Factors Design-Specification

Here’s a overview of the process for developing user experience in the Integrated Checkpoint Program for airport security.  This diagram shows the traffic flow of passengers through checkpoint when a whole body image system is utilized for screening passengers along side X-Ray machines for carry on luggage.

Slide deck. Lecture 13: Theory and Practice of Usability Studies

User Experience Design III Masters Program Course at Rutgers University

During the 2014 Fall Rutgers Mini-Masters in UXD certification course,  I taught a class session on the topic of usability testing methodologies and techniques.

In this case, a wireless and mobile usabiity testig perspective is taken.  The class was given the challenge to develop a research project for navigating and wayfinding on the Rutgers Campus for blind users.